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passionate . innovative.
entrepreneurial leader.

Fueled by an insatiable drive to empower people and brands with the tools to thrive, Rachel Elam founded GIVE in 2012. Rachel seeks to inspire people with the tools to tap into their own individuality and brands articulate what makes them unique.


"Thank you to Rachel for hosting weekly Meditation sessions at Facebook! I've tried meditation apps in the past and they just haven't worked well for me - but I look forward to Rachel's sessions every week and always leave feeling more relaxed, centered and less tense than when I walked in. Thank you for harnessing your passions into something we could all benefit from!

Dana Jefferson, Facebook Creative Shop Design, New York

"A true thought leader, Rachel brings light into a thirsty world. Honest, pure hearted, wisdomed, and clairvoyant, Glitter+Soul brings peace and healing into a world in need. Delicious with content, poignant in simplicity, Rachel inspires the mind and uplifts the spirit. Truly a blessing to the world."

Brandon M, Student, Austin, Texas